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Why Facebook Groups Are Undeniably Effective 

So, you're on Facebook, but aren't communities and groups a waste of time? Well, that's not necessarily true, in fact, you'll discover:

  • What's the big deal with Facebook groups & the one thing most people get wrong when starting one.
  • How entrepreneurs & business owners should best use this resource for more than growing a following.
  • See real-world examples of an actual Facebook Group actively crushing it on the social media platform.

How Research & Set Up of a Facebook Group Determines Your Long-Term Success

No more guessing your way through the process and hoping for the best. If you've built a Facebook Group before with no success, then you will finally find out where you went wrong!

  • Setting up a group & blindly posting content isn't a good strategy - find out what really works.
  • Find out how to harness the power of the Facebook search engine & what small tweak makes the biggest difference.
  • Finally, see precisely what it takes to craft the perfect group description to attract the right community members.

What Community Culture Is & How It Can Make or Break the Success of Your Group

How many times have you been in the dream group only to see things go south within a few months? Well, forget about becoming the next ghost town on Facebook, because you'll get:

  • Details on vetting the perfect group members & building a stellar support team.
  • An exact process of dealing with trolls, negativity, and ne'er do wells.
  • Setting & enforcing rules where you don't feel overwhelmed & stressed or having to add just another thing to your already busy plate.

When Other Experts Won't Share, Should You Trust Them?

It's not enough to get information anymore, because you never know if you can trust the source! With Facebook Groups Growth, you see everything you need to get started with zero ambiguities. 

  • Get a step-by-step plan on where to go and what to do, followed by a full practical walkthrough of setting up your first Facebook Group.
  • Find out what you should & shouldn't do when creating your group.
  • Get insights on how you can really explode your author brand through the power of Facebook!

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Facebook Groups Growth Course

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Facebook Groups Growth Course

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Course curriculum

  • 01

    Introduction to Facebook Groups for Authors

    • What’s the big deal with Facebook Groups?

    • Facebook Groups Growth: Course Summary

    • How Can Authors & Self-Publishers Leverage Facebook Groups?

    • Introduction to Scott Jay Marshall II

    • The DIY Publishing Course: Exclusive Access to the Facebook Group

  • 02

    Research & Set Up: Part 1

    • What Successful Facebook Groups Will Demand of You?

    • What is the Goal of Your Facebook Group?

    • Setting Realistic Expectations: NICHE groups vs SUB NICHE groups

    • Setting Realistic Expectations: Long Game vs. Short Game

  • 03

    Research & Set Up: Part 2

    • Choosing the Perfect Group Name: Keyword Research

    • How the Facebook Search Engine Works

    • Crafting the Perfect Group Description

  • 04

    Research & Set Up: Part 3

    • Creating Your Facebook Group Logo

    • Creating Your Facebook Group Cover

    • Setting Up Additional Social Media Profiles

    • Creating the Perfect Welcome Post

    • Selecting Facebook Group Tags

    • Asking Potential Members Questions

    • Setting Your Facebook Privacy Type

    • Setting Your Facebook Group Type

  • 05

    Setting Up a Facebook Group Full Walkthrough

    • Step by Step Group Creation - (Practical Application)

  • 06

    How To Grow Your Facebook Group

    • What Helps Grow a Facebook Group

    • What Prevents Facebook Groups From Succeeding

  • 07

    How To Maintain & Uphold Community Culture

    • Assigning Admins & Moderators

    • Setting & Enforcing the Rules

    • Setting a Good Example

    • Removing the Bad Apple & What Happens When You Don't

  • 08

    How the Self-Publishing Books Group Started

    • How to Grow a Facebook Group Quickly - Originally Aired on YouTube

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